Why choose a credit broker

Are you looking for a loan or a mortgage? Turn to the figure of the credit broker : who is this professional who works in the credit chain? With the competitive liberalization that has affected the financial sector, the figure of the credit broker has become increasingly important within the “range” of professionals able to offer loans, mortgages, salary backed loans, etc.

With the introduction of the Legislative Decree of 13 August 2010, n. 141 , the Legislator has tried to offer some important tools to protect consumers, coming to ensure maximum transparency on operations. That’s why contacting a credit broker to apply for a mortgage or loan.

Credit broker: who is he and why choose him?

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In recent years, more and more customers looking for a loan or a loan choose to contact a credit broker . What are the reasons? The role of the credit broker is different from that of other employees operating within the credit chain. This professional figure is able to offer a simple mediation and contact activity between banking institutions with potential clients and instant borrowers and loans. The mediation activity is attributable to a consulting service and, unlike the financial agents, credit brokers cannot have any exclusive relationship with banks or intermediaries. This entails an enormous advantage for credit customers: the broker is autonomous, impartial and selects the best credit products, “customized” according to customer needs.

The mediator has the possibility to ” differentiate” the range of credit products and offer the consumer a greater number of commercial proposals. Moreover, it has the possibility to objectively evaluate the various credit proposals offered by the banks, so as to be able to offer the consumer suitable solutions. Even bad payers, protesters and unemployed people can benefit from attractive commercial offers.

How to become credit brokers?

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In order to be able to access the credit broker activity, the decree 141/2010 states that it is necessary to pass a specific exam to be registered in the Register of Agents and OAM mediators. You can also get the enrollment by successfully attending the Pontifex family master . The credit broker must possess the requisites of independence, capital, professionalism and integrity.

His profession is destined to grow for the next recent future: for every person who needs a loan or mortgage, it is important to rely on serious, independent professionals able to offer the best products on the market, just as Pontifex family proposes.

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