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Consolidating loans? Have you considered consolidating your loan from many to a few or just a single loan issuer? You may want to reorganize your economy.  Money and loans often grow quickly through various credit card bills, loans that have to be paid, and in the worst case payments and debt collection.

Find debt consolidation companies

From many to one company that issues loans to you. It is a simple and quick solution to the problem. Instead of paying several different banks and lenders, you only have to deal with one loan that you pay for all your past debt.

Consolidating debt has many benefits, one of them is that you can get a lower interest rate on a larger loan than you had on the many small ones. Lenders prefer customers who borrow money because the cost of managing a loan is the same regardless of the size of the loan. Having a lower total cost of ownership makes it easier to repay the loan and become debt-free.

Another benefit of consolidating their loans is of course that you only get one bill each month instead of several. This reduces the risk of missing payments.

It is also much easier to relate to just one company

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This is something that more and more Norwegians are having trouble with! Do you recognize yourself? Do you want to manage your personal debt and put an end to all unnecessary reminders and late repayment expenses?

If you have decided to sort out your personal finances, there are several ways to go. Unfortunately, you cannot wipe out debt as long as you have the ability to pay. If you are in a completely hopeless situation, there is the possibility of debt relief, but there is no easy way, and only the most hopeless cases can be considered for such a solution.

Why choose a credit broker

Are you looking for a loan or a mortgage? Turn to the figure of the credit broker : who is this professional who works in the credit chain? With the competitive liberalization that has affected the financial sector, the figure of the credit broker has become increasingly important within the “range” of professionals able to offer loans, mortgages, salary backed loans, etc.

With the introduction of the Legislative Decree of 13 August 2010, n. 141 , the Legislator has tried to offer some important tools to protect consumers, coming to ensure maximum transparency on operations. That’s why contacting a credit broker to apply for a mortgage or loan.

Credit broker: who is he and why choose him?

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In recent years, more and more customers looking for a loan or a loan choose to contact a credit broker . What are the reasons? The role of the credit broker is different from that of other employees operating within the credit chain. This professional figure is able to offer a simple mediation and contact activity between banking institutions with potential clients and instant borrowers and loans. The mediation activity is attributable to a consulting service and, unlike the financial agents, credit brokers cannot have any exclusive relationship with banks or intermediaries. This entails an enormous advantage for credit customers: the broker is autonomous, impartial and selects the best credit products, “customized” according to customer needs.

The mediator has the possibility to ” differentiate” the range of credit products and offer the consumer a greater number of commercial proposals. Moreover, it has the possibility to objectively evaluate the various credit proposals offered by the banks, so as to be able to offer the consumer suitable solutions. Even bad payers, protesters and unemployed people can benefit from attractive commercial offers.

How to become credit brokers?

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In order to be able to access the credit broker activity, the decree 141/2010 states that it is necessary to pass a specific exam to be registered in the Register of Agents and OAM mediators. You can also get the enrollment by successfully attending the Pontifex family master . The credit broker must possess the requisites of independence, capital, professionalism and integrity.

His profession is destined to grow for the next recent future: for every person who needs a loan or mortgage, it is important to rely on serious, independent professionals able to offer the best products on the market, just as Pontifex family proposes.

Debt Recovery | Loan Consolidation

When large debts are incurred, there is often a kind of negative spiral in the economy. The more money that is missing each month, the greater the need to borrow new money to cover the money shortage, and so you get more debts and higher costs that make you in a worse situation. If you have large debts that cost a lot of money each month, you need a solution, but that is not to borrow more money. It is not easy to get out of debt but it is not impossible.

Reinforce your own finances


Do you have debts that cost unnecessarily much money each month and feel that it is difficult to get the economy going, but that you still manage to do just that? In that case, it is not too late to settle your debts and get out of their financial problems. In this case, you can try to make your own finances of your own finances and work your way out of debt. However, it may take time.

The idea of ​​a personal debt restructuring is to organize your finances yourself by systematically getting rid of your expensive debts. It requires making some sacrifices and working hard, but it is a solution that many who have debts must try.

Keep track of your finances


The first thing to do is to keep track of your own finances. You need a budget estimate that shows exactly how much money disappears each month in bills, installments on debts, food money and everything else that you spend money on. You should then also write down exactly how much money comes in each month so that you know how much money you have to work with. If you realize that you go back every month, it is even more important to take it all in.

The next step is to look for things to save money on. There are many good savings tips that cover everything from saving food to insurance to car costs or anything else. Everything you can save on is good. It can be eating cheaper or taking the bike to work or finding a cheaper electricity contract or terminating TV channels that are unnecessarily expensive. The more you can save each month, the better.

Keep track of your debts

Keep track of your debts

Make a list of all the loans and credits you have and rank them by the most expensive each month. The loan that has a maximum monthly cost should be paid off first. If you have a very small loan that can be paid off directly and fully redeemed, you may want to do this first of all.

Make sure to make only the smallest possible repayment on all other debts you have so that you get as much money over the month as is possible. If you talk to the lenders you might be able to get a deal on smaller payments or similar. This can give you some extra breathing space and save you.

Start with the most expensive loan

Start with the most expensive loan

What you want to do is get rid of one loan at a time until all loans and credits are gone. The most expensive monthly loan should be addressed first. Any extra money that you have received by saving on all unnecessary and by looking over your finances is added to an extra payment on this particular loan.

If you have something of greater value that you can sell, such as a car or an unnecessary TV that you can manage without, you may be able to get a larger amount of money right in your hand. Then you can use this amount to pay off a large portion of the most expensive loan. If you can redeem that loan completely in this way, it is very good but it would be nice if you can pay off part of it. Continue to make extra payment on the most expensive loan until it is completely gone. It might take a while but just drive on.

When you have paid off the most expensive loan, you have suddenly freed up some money that you previously had to put on that loan in the form of amortization and interest. Then take that money together with the other extra money you saved and pay extra on the second most expensive loan. You can now pay off faster because you have more money to spend.

It becomes a kind of snowball effect for every loan you pay off as you get more and more extra money to deal with for every expensive loan that disappears. After a while it may be possible to pay off the loans fairly quickly. Remember to constantly spend the money you saved on getting rid of the old loans as installment on the next loan that is on your “list”. In this situation, you may be able to avoid skipping as much as before or you will continue to skimp and pay off the loans a little extra quickly so that you do not get rid of them completely.

General tips for debt relief


It is not easy to carry out such a debt restructuring because it requires you to save quite a bit, save money and find some extra money you can put on your loans. You may also be required to sell some of your gadgets to get extra money. It is tough but it is sometimes necessary. Even if it takes time, you have to keep going and fight. When the first loan is redeemed, it often gets a little easier right away and then it just gets better for each loan that disappears.

If you are at risk with bills and debts to be paid, which you cannot really afford, you may try to call these creditors to discuss different plans for payment of the debts. Many people can think of a repayment plan because it is better to get their money slowly than not to get it at all (for example, if you are forced into a debt settlement with Kronofogden, which is often disadvantageous to ordinary creditors).

Collecting the loans – One thing you can try is to try to get a single large loan with low interest rates, for example from one of the major banks, which you then use to pay off all the less expensive loans directly. This solution usually saves you quite a lot of money each month and it also gives you a better overview when you only pay on a single loan.

The trick with this method is to get the bank to approve your large loan. You have to have a sensible economy for them to dare to give you a loan. Fixed income is often a good start, but you may also need to have more positive things in your finances. A co-applicant may be an option that increases your chances. If you manage to get a loan – then don’t spend the money for anything other than just paying off your expensive loans and credits, otherwise it won’t work.

If you get too deep into the debt trap and have no chance of solving it on your own, it is a debt settlement at Kronofogden that will be aimed at. You can apply for one at the Crown Prosecutor’s Office and then you have the chance to a fresh start in your finances, but it is not easy to get approved for this and you only get one such opportunity. Don’t swamp it.

Prepare for unexpected expenses

Therefore, we help you here with how you can easily save up to unforeseen expenses without compromising too much on everyday needs and pleasures.

Therefore, you must be prepared

Therefore, you must be prepared

According to a new survey by Good finance for the public consumer site Rå, seven out of ten Danes do not make money for unforeseen expenses.

According to special consultant in financial consumption Louise Skjødsholm from the Money and Pensions Panel (who runs Rå, it may be a problem for some that they have not saved up for unforeseen expenses. That’s because the alternative to a savings for some may be to borrow money to pay the bill as they don’t have the money on their feet.

You know, like most others, that suddenly a situation arises where you need money for a bill right now and here. But it quickly becomes expensive if you choose an expensive loan to pay the bill

Check your rate Check if you can get your current expensive loan with a cheaper rate through Willy Loman Check here

Make a budget

Always start making a budget. It gives you an overview of your expenses and you find out how much money you have for spending each month.

It is also a really good idea if you for a period keep track of what you are actually spending money on. There are various apps where you can easily keep track of what you spend on your money.

That way, you can more easily find out how much money you actually have for a savings every month.

How big a savings

How big a savings

How much money you should save for unforeseen expenses depends, among other things, on whether you live in an older house or have an old car, as there is typically a risk of larger sudden expenses.

The most important thing, however, is that you have some kind of savings so you have a buffer for unexpected bills. Of course, there must be room in your finances to save, so if it is tight, it is fine to start by just putting a few hundred dollars aside each month.

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Look at your consumption

We also recommend that you create an overview of your finances and make a budget. In this way, you get easier control of all your income and expenses, including fixed expenses, but also consumption expenses.

When it comes to consumer spending, for example. Shopping, restaurant visits, cinema tours, buying electronics or other things, it is important that you always consider your purchases thoroughly. You should also ask yourself if just the item you want to buy is needed or if you can actually do without it.

Of course, this does not mean that you should never buy new clothes or go out with your friends. However, it often comes down to some how much money they actually spend on consumption, and therefore it is good to pay extra attention to the item if you want to save up.

In addition to the more consumption-related expenses, in some cases money can also be saved on fixed expenses. For example, check if you pay too much for your insurance and mobile subscriptions. The payments for many overheads are set up to be paid automatically each month, so many people forget to check whether there can be money to save.

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Control your debt records

Control your debt records

When making a budget to get a bigger overview of your finances and better prepare for unexpected expenses, you should also look at any debt items.

You should first of all look at your Betalingsservice overview, as it gives you a quick overview of what is being drawn on your account every month. Here you can just see who you owe money.

It can also be a good idea to log in to SKAT and see which debt items they have registered in your name. However, you must keep in mind that the information from SKAT may be up to one year late. This is because SKAT only receives notification from your lenders at the end of each year.

Also, when you know your debt, you should look into reducing some of your debt expenses.

Get an interest check

When you are just trying to put money aside to prepare for unexpected expenses, it is relevant to see if you can get a cheaper rate on your current loan. There can be a lot of money to save and right now interest rates are historically low.

In short, an interest check means that you are investigating whether there is a possibility to get your existing loan at a cheaper rate with another bank.

If you find that another bank can offer you a cheaper rate on your loan, you can choose to:

  1. 1. Thank you for the offer and move the loan over to the new bank
  2. 2. Use the offer to negotiate a better rate with your current bank

Redeeming Real Estate Credit

The repurchase of real estate credit is intended only for the owners of a property and consists of contracting a new loan at a more advantageous rate in a competing bank to repay the current one.

The repurchase of mortgage allows you, while preserving the same duration of loan, to reduce significantly your maturities, especially when the remaining duration is still important (more than 10 years).

As a “Bank Operations Intermediary”, the real estate loan buyback broker renegotiates quickly and confidentially, with the largest French banks, the best borrowing conditions in order to proceed with the repurchase of your mortgage. Thanks to this solution, your monthly payment will be reduced and you will find a budget adapted to your situation. You find a real purchasing power and a larger saving capacity. Renegotiation also allows you to reduce the term of your credit to the maximum to save on the total cost of borrowing interest.


When to renegotiate my purchase of real estate CREDIT?

When to renegotiate my purchase of real estate CREDIT?

In order for the redemption of your home loan to be really worthwhile, the difference between the total cost of your current loan offer minus the cost of the new loan must be sufficient to cover the costs of the mortgage , as well as significant penalties. early loan repayment . These are often lump sum and correspond on average to 6 months of interest (without however generally exceeding a maximum of 3% of the capital remaining due).

To note, at IM Finance, there is no penalty in case of full or partial prepayment. It is also necessary to count the costs of setting up a new guarantee as well as the time spent to establish the administrative procedures and the expenses of transfer of account.

In principle, for your operation to be profitable, you should not be in the first years of your repayment, because the ceiling of 3% is then a very important sum and does not play a moderating role.

In recent years, the profit made on the remaining interest is insufficient in view of the costs incurred by the renegotiation of mortgage loan. Ideally, it is best if your initial credit is halfway, and the difference between the current mortgage rate and the new mortgage rate is at least 1%.


When buying a loan, renegotiate your borrower insurance!

When buying a loan, renegotiate your borrower insurance!

Thanks to the Lagarde Act and the Loi Hamon, you now have the possibility of taking out loan insurance other than that proposed by the lender, the borrower, according to his profile, can reduce his insurance cost and add a potential gain of several thousand euros over the period.

So accentuate the negotiation on the borrower insurance, item which represents approximately 10% of the total cost of a credit. The bank no longer has the right to impose on its client the group insurance contract it markets provided that the contract offered under delegation has the same guarantees as the group contract. IM Finance offers loan insurance that can allow you to save up to 60% * savings, with equivalent guarantees through rates tailored to customer profiles.

Instant Credit Comparison

The interest rates remain low for the time being, so that the time to finance PC, Tablet & Laptop or for a mobile phone financing is ideal. On the other hand, clever rescheduling can reduce the financial burden – an instant loan comparison is worthwhile in any case, in order to get a comprehensive overview of the current offers.


Use persistently low interest rates intelligently

low interest

What is a real challenge for savers opens up attractive opportunities for loan seekers: European key interest rates remain at an extremely low level of 0.15 percent. For the time being, the ECC Bank will not raise its key interest rates to further support economic growth, given the continuing decline in the euro area inflation rate. Basically, the loans are cheaper, which can be traced directly in an instant loan comparison. Although there is no indication that the situation will change at this time, inflation remains to be seen. Basically, the ECB is aiming for a rate of inflation of just under two percent, but currently only 0.3 percent and thus an extremely low value registered. The obvious threat of deflation should also force the ECB to act.


Consult instant loan comparison and plan investment

instant loan comparison

For loan seekers, this means familiarizing themselves with the favorable offers in an instant loan comparison and implementing long-planned investments or recalculating current loans to reduce costs. For this, only a few data must be entered in the instant loan comparison. The overview then contains all current offers, which can also be checked in detail. As an orientation, banks and financial institutions are obliged to present a representative calculation example in order to enable a comparison even with credit-based interest rates. In these cases, the final APR for a loan is determined only after the credit check. Alternatively, there are also providers that can work with a fixed interest rate right from the start.


Few steps to the credit

Few steps to the credit

From instant credit comparison, interested parties can be guided directly to the application forms of the respective provider, enter there all requested information and upload the necessary documents. Since these are online transactions, participation in the uncomplicated PostIdent procedure for compliance with the Money Laundering Act is envisaged. Once all the documents have been received, checked and approved by the respective bank, there is nothing in the way of the payout. The immediate credit comparison of Cratchit family therefore not only offers favorable, but also quick financing options.