Paying IPVA 2019: The Practical Guide and Everything You Need to Know

IPVA 2019 , Tax on the Ownership of Motor Vehicles has arrived . Are you full of doubts about this tax? So be sure to keep reading this content!

From it, you will know not only what it is, but also what it is for, where the collection goes, how to calculate it , among other information essential to your knowledge.

What is IPVA?

What is IPVA?

The property taxes for those who do not know, is the tax that arose as a replacement of the old bus Single Rate, the TRU, which was introduced by the Brazilian legal system in 1969, according to experts.

This rate was created due to the expansion of highways and had the role of financing the costs of this growth .

It should be noted that even though it was called “tax”, thus evoking the idea of โ€‹โ€‹”fixed”, each taxpayer paid TRU according to the value and origin of the vehicle .

Over time, because of the completion of the works, the demand for money ended, and the TRU was extinguished and in its place was created the IPVA , by virtue of Constitutional Amendment No. 27 of November 28, 1985.

It became the competence of the States and the Federal District to establish such a tax on the ownership of motor vehicles.

The IPVA 2019 RJ Bradesco is levied on the ownership of the property and is charged annually by the State.

For specialists, the main function of this tax is tax, that is, it can be used to defray the costs of public administration, and is therefore not linked to the provision of direct service, such as TRU, which was intended to cover creation of highways.

What is IPVA used for? Where Does the Collected Value Go?

What is IPVA used for? Where Does the Collected Value Go?

Brazilians pay so many taxes, often embedded in consumer invoices, that it is common to ask what the IPVA serves and where the value collected by the state goes.

After all, they do nothing but exercise their right to know where their compulsory tax contributions will go.

As said before , before paying the IPVA , we had the TRU, which had a single objective, as we said: to finance the creation of highways.

It had a binding character, that is, it was associated directly with the service that created it.

IPVA, on the other hand, does not have this linkage, and can, as already said, be used for public spending in general, mainly for health, education, security and transportation expenses.

But not only that. The resources raised by this tax are used to invest in the development of society, from the creation of public works, such as schools, roads, museums, libraries, buildings for the functioning of state services, squares, ecological parks, etc.

It should be said that the IPVA is one of the most important taxes in society.

As a curiosity, only in 2014 the state of Minas Gerais collected more than 2.5 billion reais from IPVA, without considering states such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, some of the most developed in the country.

But where does the money raised as a result of the IPVA payment go?

Briefly, it goes to the public coffers , that is, to the treasury of each state and municipality.

The governors use the resource collected according to the needs of the federative entity and the municipality.

Of the total collection product, 40% is allocated to the state and 40% to the municipality where the vehicle is licensed, registered or enrolled and 20% to the Fund for Maintenance and Development of Basic Education and Valorization of Education Professionals (FUNDEB).

Value of a Vehicle’s IPVA – How to Calculate the IPVA?

Value of a Vehicle

The value of the IPVA of a vehicle is variable and is based on the model of the vehicle as well as the type of fuel it uses.

In addition, it can differentiate by reason of the application of the value for each state, since each one has this competence conferred by the Federal Constitution of 1988.

However, before explaining the IPVA calculation basis and how to calculate it, it should be said that it is possible to pay advanced IPVA in a single installment with up to 10% discount.

It should be noted that the discount amount can differ by state.

The first step for those who want to understand and calculate the value of the IPVA is to identify the value of the vehicle .

Generally, there are three possibilities of acquiring a motor vehicle: new, new or auctioned.

Identifying the value, you find the venal value , factor used by the public power to estimate the value of a good.

In the case of the new vehicle , the market value is the one shown in the invoice.

In relation to the new vehicle , the public authority considers the average market price, but in relation to the year-month previous to what is being charged.

In the case of an auction car , it uses as a base the expenses it had with the auction and the taxes levied on this operation.

After that, the market value of the vehicle type should be calculated. The rate ranges from 1.5% to 3.5% .

Let’s say that the market value of your vehicle is R $ 50 thousand and rate 2%. Now, you need to calculate these values: 50,000 X 0,02 = 1000,00. This will be the value of the IPVA of your vehicle .

Where to Consult the Value of the IPVA of My Vehicle

To consult and pay the IPVA of your vehicle , just go to the website of the traffic department of your state.

Today, virtually all federal entities have this online service, which greatly optimizes the time of the taxpayer.

If you do not have it, you can check the value of the IPVA of your vehicle from the website of the State Treasury .

In São Paulo, for example, the IPVA payment is managed by the State Treasury Department and all information can be obtained directly through the entity’s portal.

So that there is no doubt, let’s take the State of São Paulo as an example.

To consult the IPVA, which can be consulted by clicking on this link , you will need to provide the vehicle’s RENAVAM number as well as the license plate .

In Paraíba, it is DETRAN that manages the IPVA. To consult it just click here . In this state you need to provide the vehicle owner’s CPF, as well as the license plate number and RENAVAM .

How to Check the RENAVAM Number

There are two ways to check the vehicle’s RENAVAM number.

The first and easiest is to check the number directly on the Vehicle Registration and Licensing Certificate (CRLV), a document you receive after paying the IPVA and other obligations related to your vehicle, such as fire insurance, licensing fee and fines, for example .

The second option requires you to enter the DETRAN site of the state you reside in. Generally, the traffic department has services that allow you to consult the vehicle and thus have access to the CRLV.

For this, they ask for data such as vehicle license plate and CPF, to guarantee more security with respect to citizen’s property data.

How to Pay the IPVA?

After checking the value of the IPVA of your vehicle, it is possible to print the ticket (state collection document) and make the payment in any branch or lottery house, as well as pag. easy.

However, some Detrans require you to pay only at a specific bank , such as the Bank of Brazil, for example.

Generally, this information is highlighted on the ticket, you need to pay attention to the IPVA payment guide .

The boleto bancário can also be paid in cash or by means of cellular applications (one way is to pay IPVA in the Bradesco application).

After 48 hours of payment of the bank slip, the taxpayer can go to the local DETRAN to request the issuance of the CRLV.

This is the time the bank takes to compensate for the amount paid .

How to Install Late Payment IPVA

How to Install Late Payment IPVA

Faced with so many taxes and with inflation that does not stop rising and eroding workers’ salaries, it is common that there is a delay in paying IPVA 2019 .

So much so that today, more than 60 million Brazilians are indebted (¼ of the Brazilian population), according to data from the SPC.

The good news is that it is possible , in a situation like this, to pay the IPVA payment up to six times and thus relieve stress and, of course, the bills.

After all, when the payment of this tax is delayed, the State charges interest and a fine , and can apply penalties, if you walk with the vehicle with the IPVA and licensing expired.

Then, on the installment, each State has the autonomy to define its own rules regarding the collection of IPVA.

In some states, you can install it up to three times, in others, six.

It is important to consult the DETRAN portal and study the possibilities , so that it fits into the best.

Another solution is to resort to companies that work directly with IPVA installments and licensing. The problem is that they charge very high interest rates and may not be worth it.

What is DPVAT

The Personal Injury Caused by Land Vehicle Vehicles (DPVAT) is presented as a compulsory insurance , which must be paid, emphasized, compulsorily, by the taxpayer.

It was created as a result of the high number of deaths caused by traffic violence. According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2018 alone Brazil recorded 1.3 million deaths caused by traffic.

The DPVAT RJ insurance covers, briefly :

– Indemnification for victims of accidents caused by automobiles on Brazilian roads;

– Cases of accidents in which there is death;

– Permanent disability due to an accident caused on Brazilian roadways;

– Reimbursement in cases in which there are medical and supplementary expenses due to an accident caused in the Brazilian transit.

To apply for DPVAT , you must file a death or expense claim at one of the DPVAT service points and even at the post office.

What happens if my Vehicle’s IPVA is not paid?

Of course, many questions surround the mind of those who have the delayed vehicle IPVA : what happens if I do not pay?

Could the car be apprehended by DETRAN? Will interest and fine be charged?

The best thing to do is to regularize the IPVA and vehicle licensing to avoid disruption and major headaches.

You can do this by applying for a personal loan online at Credit Lender .

It is the ideal solution for those who seek comfort, quality and of course, maintain their lifestyle and not have headache in paying the IPVA.

Here’s what can happen to your vehicle and your name if you do not pay the IPVA.

Can My Car Be Seized For Not Paying IPVA?

The sad news is that, yes, the vehicle can be seized in the blitz that are made by the military police and collected into the yard of DETRAN, which may charge daily while the car remains under state custody, further increasing their accounts.

As long as the payment of the IPVA is not regularized, it is not possible to license the vehicle. Another reason he can be apprehended.

In addition to having the vehicle seized, you may have your name inscribed in the state’s outstanding debt.

Who is exempt from paying IPVA?

Many Brazilians are entitled to the exemption from paying the IPVA , but they do not even know this, either because they do not seek their rights, or because the information has not reached them.

Below, see the conditions that allow the right to exemption from this tax :

  1. Diseases : Taxpayers who have the following diseases are entitled to exemption from IPVA:

– Amputation;

– Arthrodesis;


– Arthrogryposis,

– Post-surgical prostate cancer;

– Cardiac disorders;

– Column Surgery;

– Knee Surgery;

– Fist surgery;

– Surgery and / or Shoulder Injury;

– Chondromalacia Patelar;

– Mental disability;

– Visual impairment;

– Parkinson’s disease;

– Shortening of Members;

– Multiple sclerosis;

– Acute Scoliosis;

– Ankylosing spondylitis;

– Stomach;

– Herniated Disc;

– Renal insufficiency;

– Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI);

– Bad formation;

– Mastectomy;

– Dwarfism;

– Diabetic Neuropathies;

– Ostomy;

– Paralysis;

– Cerebral Palsy;

– Poliomyelitis;

– Serious Problems in the Column;

– Femoral prosthesis;

– Internal or External Prosthesis;

– Quadrantectomy;

– HIV;

– Carpal tunnel syndrome;

– Chronic Tendonitis;

– Tetraparesis;

– Tetraplegia.

  1. Stolen Car : The victim of theft may request the IPVA money paid, even if the car is later recovered by the police.

The amount to be paid is proportional to the time of use of the vehicle .

  1. Age of vehicle : There is also exemption of IPVA for old vehicles.

Each state has the autonomy to create its rules regarding this fiscal benefit. It is known, however, that some states apply the time of 10 years to guarantee exemption of IPVA, others, 20 years.

Prepare for unexpected expenses

Therefore, we help you here with how you can easily save up to unforeseen expenses without compromising too much on everyday needs and pleasures.

Therefore, you must be prepared

Therefore, you must be prepared

According to a new survey by Good finance for the public consumer site Rå, seven out of ten Danes do not make money for unforeseen expenses.

According to special consultant in financial consumption Louise Skjødsholm from the Money and Pensions Panel (who runs Rå, it may be a problem for some that they have not saved up for unforeseen expenses. That’s because the alternative to a savings for some may be to borrow money to pay the bill as they don’t have the money on their feet.

You know, like most others, that suddenly a situation arises where you need money for a bill right now and here. But it quickly becomes expensive if you choose an expensive loan to pay the bill

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Make a budget

Always start making a budget. It gives you an overview of your expenses and you find out how much money you have for spending each month.

It is also a really good idea if you for a period keep track of what you are actually spending money on. There are various apps where you can easily keep track of what you spend on your money.

That way, you can more easily find out how much money you actually have for a savings every month.

How big a savings

How big a savings

How much money you should save for unforeseen expenses depends, among other things, on whether you live in an older house or have an old car, as there is typically a risk of larger sudden expenses.

The most important thing, however, is that you have some kind of savings so you have a buffer for unexpected bills. Of course, there must be room in your finances to save, so if it is tight, it is fine to start by just putting a few hundred dollars aside each month.

Also read It is time to get a savings

Look at your consumption

We also recommend that you create an overview of your finances and make a budget. In this way, you get easier control of all your income and expenses, including fixed expenses, but also consumption expenses.

When it comes to consumer spending, for example. Shopping, restaurant visits, cinema tours, buying electronics or other things, it is important that you always consider your purchases thoroughly. You should also ask yourself if just the item you want to buy is needed or if you can actually do without it.

Of course, this does not mean that you should never buy new clothes or go out with your friends. However, it often comes down to some how much money they actually spend on consumption, and therefore it is good to pay extra attention to the item if you want to save up.

In addition to the more consumption-related expenses, in some cases money can also be saved on fixed expenses. For example, check if you pay too much for your insurance and mobile subscriptions. The payments for many overheads are set up to be paid automatically each month, so many people forget to check whether there can be money to save.

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Control your debt records

Control your debt records

When making a budget to get a bigger overview of your finances and better prepare for unexpected expenses, you should also look at any debt items.

You should first of all look at your Betalingsservice overview, as it gives you a quick overview of what is being drawn on your account every month. Here you can just see who you owe money.

It can also be a good idea to log in to SKAT and see which debt items they have registered in your name. However, you must keep in mind that the information from SKAT may be up to one year late. This is because SKAT only receives notification from your lenders at the end of each year.

Also, when you know your debt, you should look into reducing some of your debt expenses.

Get an interest check

When you are just trying to put money aside to prepare for unexpected expenses, it is relevant to see if you can get a cheaper rate on your current loan. There can be a lot of money to save and right now interest rates are historically low.

In short, an interest check means that you are investigating whether there is a possibility to get your existing loan at a cheaper rate with another bank.

If you find that another bank can offer you a cheaper rate on your loan, you can choose to:

  1. 1. Thank you for the offer and move the loan over to the new bank
  2. 2. Use the offer to negotiate a better rate with your current bank

International Health Insurance: See how it works in a simple way.

Planning for international business travel is not an easy task. Besides the need to carefully plan logistics aspects of the trip, it is necessary to guarantee the satisfaction and safety of the employee. Therefore, it is essential that international health insurance is hired in an intelligent way.

One of the most important things for anyone is their own health. Senso thus, the choice of health insurance should be made with much caution and wisdom. Only in this way is it possible to deal in the best way with any eventuality or accident in foreign countries. But, after all, how does it work and why is this insurance so important?

What is international health insurance?

What is international health insurance?

It is a service that guarantees the coverage of certain medical treatments abroad. That is, if the traveler suffers an accident or injury and needs medical care or some process of this nature, the insurance will cover the expenses. In this case, the type of coverage of procedures offered by the insurance varies according to the contracted service.

Why hire?

Why hire?

In addition to avoiding some unforeseen in the budget and even complications in the employee’s health while traveling, international health insurance is also mandatory to join several countries.

Places such as New Zealand and Canada make it compulsory to purchase visa insurance. In addition, countries that are part of the Schengen Treaty require the contracting of the service to enter their territories, which also happens with Cuba. In Australia, the procedure is only required for exchange students.

Schengen Agreement

The treaty requires that any visitor in the participating countries has contracted a travel or insurance assistance of a minimum value of 30,000 euros, which guarantees medical care due to accident or illness. Failure to comply may result in the traveler returning to his / her country of origin.

The countries participating in the Schengen Treaty are Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Austria, Sweden, Slovakia, Poland, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Denmark, Slovenia, Malta, Lithuania, Latvia , Hungary, Estonia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Bulgaria and Romania.

How to hire and fire insurance?

How to hire and fire insurance?

The easiest way to acquire international health insurance is through an insurance brokerage.


It is commonly guaranteed by emergency medical care emergency and emergency. On the other hand, it is also possible to hire services such as hospitalization, exams, prostheses, discount on medications, consultations, surgeries and dental treatment.


The values โ€‹โ€‹of international health insurance vary according to several factors such as the type of coverage provided, the destination, the travel time, age, how many people will be contemplated, among others.

It is fundamental to understand the needs of each trip and employee and to contract insurance that meets all the necessary requirements for each case.

Within the challenge of planning and conducting a successful business trip, it is clear that international health insurance is an indispensable part that can not be neglected.

Did you like the article? Want to keep improving to organize business trips? Check out, then, this post about international travel insurance!

Redeeming Real Estate Credit

The repurchase of real estate credit is intended only for the owners of a property and consists of contracting a new loan at a more advantageous rate in a competing bank to repay the current one.

The repurchase of mortgage allows you, while preserving the same duration of loan, to reduce significantly your maturities, especially when the remaining duration is still important (more than 10 years).

As a “Bank Operations Intermediary”, the real estate loan buyback broker renegotiates quickly and confidentially, with the largest French banks, the best borrowing conditions in order to proceed with the repurchase of your mortgage. Thanks to this solution, your monthly payment will be reduced and you will find a budget adapted to your situation. You find a real purchasing power and a larger saving capacity. Renegotiation also allows you to reduce the term of your credit to the maximum to save on the total cost of borrowing interest.


When to renegotiate my purchase of real estate CREDIT?

When to renegotiate my purchase of real estate CREDIT?

In order for the redemption of your home loan to be really worthwhile, the difference between the total cost of your current loan offer minus the cost of the new loan must be sufficient to cover the costs of the mortgage , as well as significant penalties. early loan repayment . These are often lump sum and correspond on average to 6 months of interest (without however generally exceeding a maximum of 3% of the capital remaining due).

To note, at IM Finance, there is no penalty in case of full or partial prepayment. It is also necessary to count the costs of setting up a new guarantee as well as the time spent to establish the administrative procedures and the expenses of transfer of account.

In principle, for your operation to be profitable, you should not be in the first years of your repayment, because the ceiling of 3% is then a very important sum and does not play a moderating role.

In recent years, the profit made on the remaining interest is insufficient in view of the costs incurred by the renegotiation of mortgage loan. Ideally, it is best if your initial credit is halfway, and the difference between the current mortgage rate and the new mortgage rate is at least 1%.


When buying a loan, renegotiate your borrower insurance!

When buying a loan, renegotiate your borrower insurance!

Thanks to the Lagarde Act and the Loi Hamon, you now have the possibility of taking out loan insurance other than that proposed by the lender, the borrower, according to his profile, can reduce his insurance cost and add a potential gain of several thousand euros over the period.

So accentuate the negotiation on the borrower insurance, item which represents approximately 10% of the total cost of a credit. The bank no longer has the right to impose on its client the group insurance contract it markets provided that the contract offered under delegation has the same guarantees as the group contract. IM Finance offers loan insurance that can allow you to save up to 60% * savings, with equivalent guarantees through rates tailored to customer profiles.

Health insurance fraud and scam – 4 warning signs to watch out for

Health care reform can give hope to millions of uninsured Americans. They eagerly await their chance to get affordable health insurance for themselves and their families. At the same time schemers and scammers are unfortunately willing to take advantage of the vulnerabilities of uninsured people and exploit them by offering fake insurance policies.

Scammers follow the news and understand the expectations and expectations of the public. When they try to manipulate people, they often use popular terms and buzz words such as “Obamacare” and “health care reform.” If you just drop these words, they will make trust and credibility easier for their victims.

Fortunately, there are common elements for most of this financial scam that will alert you when someone is “full of it.”

The deal is too good to be true

The deal is too good to be true

Fraudsters feed on the greed of other people. They think that as long as their deal sounds better than everyone else, their victims will be there. As your parents warned, if a deal seems too good to be true, that’s probably true. Con artists know you would never buy an unknown program if the conditions were the same as those of a major national provider, so they tempt you with lofty promises of great coverage and relatively low premiums. For the good or bad conditions, legitimate private companies are in business to make a profit. If a deal looks like the company is losing a big loss, it is probably fraud.

The conditions of the Deal are vague

The conditions of the Deal are vague

Many elements of scams just don’t make sense. Valid programs explain the key points before signing (although you may still need clarification). Cheaters cover up important points or leave them out altogether. They are prepared in case they receive incoming questions and they will often share a link to a seemingly advanced website. Don’t let fancy graphics distract you from the fact that their offer is vague and ambiguous. Make sure you understand the conditions and basic principles of health insurance so that you know when something is wrong.

A legitimate health insurance program gives you every detail that may be relevant. They include:

  • Available types of coverage
  • Premiums and deductibles
  • How different plans change your regular payments
  • What you can do to lower your premiums
  • Conditions for termination
  • Where can you call if you have any questions

Checking the authenticity of a provider is relatively easy. Since government agencies regulate insurance companies, your state will have a history about the real ones. If your state insurance commissioner does not have company information, it must be reported. Even if it’s not a hoax, unregistered companies still don’t have a license to sell health insurance. Scam artists can also present themselves as affiliated with a legitimate company. Always provide the names of the representatives you speak with so that you can confirm that they are really connected to that provider.

They press you to make a decision

They press you to make a decision

The last thing a crook wants to do is give you time to realize that their offer contains more holes than a piece of Swiss cheese on a shooting range. They will probably tell you that the deal will expire when you hang up the phone. No legitimate company would rush you with such a conscientious sales tactic. Ask for more information so that you can investigate the validity of the business and so that you can let others know the warning signs.

They claim to be affiliated with a government agency

They claim to be affiliated with a government agency

In an attempt to appear credible, false insurance agents often present themselves as government employees or affiliated companies. They throw around commonly used terms like “Obamacare” to win the trust of gullible people. Obamacare is not a brand name and real government employees do not use these conditions. Again, always take the name of everyone you are in contact with. A true government employee must provide you with additional information and numbers to contact. If they don’t bore you with policy details, they probably don’t come from the government. Do your research and verify the information they provide.

Last word

Everyone will be frustrated if they cannot afford health insurance and medical care. Policy makers are working hard to get affordable healthcare at your front door. Meanwhile, do not sign up for an insurance policy that will not give you real coverage.

Have you seen fraudulent health insurance policies coming your way? Share the warning signs that you have shown here.

12 unique gift ideas for frequent travelers (less than $ 50)

When one of your friends is hosting a great deal of wanderlust, a Target gift card may not be best for special occasions. Birthdays, vacations and even bon voyage parties are perfect occasions to give your traveling friends the things they really need. Whether you are talking about airplanes, trains, cars or boats, many aspects of travel can be made easier and more fun with the right article – and you don’t have to spend more than $ 50 to get them

Right now in Google Apps Marketplace – Financing for small businesses right in your inbox

We have previously done an Outright review about Cash Smashers and praised it as a great financial tool for small businesses, freelancers and self-employed people. In the event that you are not known, Outright is an oConlaíine accounting website that connects to your bank accounts, credit cards and other financial accounts, including Paypal.

Financial advise – You won’t have a better life!

The task of a financial advisor is not to make your life better. The task is to do what you have built up and not to ruin it. You do not have to design new roads for you, but you have to keep driving on the path you have already started. It does not make the decision for you, but supports new ideas in your decision. Let’s see what that means in practice!

When buying a new apartment

When buying a new apartment

You are in need of moving. At last you will go to a new home for which you are looking for opportunities. You are wondering how much the loan will be paid out, under what conditions you can get it. You sit down with a financial advisor and start counting.

You are confirming that you can really get the credit on good terms. The deal will really work. Enlighten the story and feel the end of the conversation at the end of the conversation. You want to cut it in.

Familiar feeling?

Cancel will be better


For you, this scenario is your expectation of a consultant. But what does the counselor really do? Why do you need a bank loan comparison calculator in the light age?

A really good financial advisor will assess in about 5 minutes whether you get the credit (with 90% certainty) or not. For the remainder of the conversation, you need to make sure that the impact of taking the loan and moving it to your life will be affected.

That’s why he’s going to go further than the parameters of the credit and start sorting out

  • costs related to purchase, but not credit (lawyers’ fees, land registry fees, fees)
  • problems with technical delivery
  • the extra costs of slipping the apartment
  • fitting and moving costs
  • the spiritual dimension of the purchase (eg stress, relationship test…)
  • possible slowing of the lead time for the credit transaction
  • … etc.

Not only nice, not just good

So they’ll tell you all the things they’re talking about, which you didn’t think of. Of course, it would be easiest if the adviser nodded without contradiction and had already taken the loan application. You may feel these things first as unnecessary bites, but in the end you’ll be grateful for what you’ve got here.

It is up to the client to dream about a better life. The counselor’s job is to pull back into reality and formulate delicate questions. The two will together decide if it is worthwhile to enter into the deal or not?

Anyone who only works with numbers is not an advisor

Anyone who only works with numbers is not an advisor

It is not an advisor but an administrator. But I know a lot of independent agents who bring the checkered booklet and always give an exact answer to your questions. But they never ask new questions. You never risk losing your mind about something that hasn’t even been formulated in you.

We try to write down our world with numbers and we tend to interpret home purchase through this checkered paper. But what about the beautiful figures if at the end mom and dad divorced because of the stress that they experienced during the construction of a house?

I said you wouldn’t have a better life!

In this title I wrote this cruel sentence. Already with this one sentence, I want to shock you that a single step in itself does not make your life better. That’s because you don’t want to do it yet. Because better life is not a step, but a series of steps.

Just like buying a home is not just a matter of buying a flat when it comes to moving in the process of being affected by life!

Look at how much you can move into a new apartment!

I will help you with credit management. In the framework of your featured and free service, I also offer you several credit offers from several banks at the same time, which are valid for up to 6 months. You don’t have to fight at the branch! I’ll do everything for you with credit and give you an immediate solution to any problems that may arise in the meantime. Comfortable, fast, reliable.

You are guaranteed (much more comfortable) the same credit with us under the same conditions as you would go into the bank branch. Indeed! In many cases, I can provide you with unique discounts (free prepayment, free transfer… etc) that you will not get at the branch.

Instant Credit Comparison

The interest rates remain low for the time being, so that the time to finance PC, Tablet & Laptop or for a mobile phone financing is ideal. On the other hand, clever rescheduling can reduce the financial burden – an instant loan comparison is worthwhile in any case, in order to get a comprehensive overview of the current offers.


Use persistently low interest rates intelligently

low interest

What is a real challenge for savers opens up attractive opportunities for loan seekers: European key interest rates remain at an extremely low level of 0.15 percent. For the time being, the ECC Bank will not raise its key interest rates to further support economic growth, given the continuing decline in the euro area inflation rate. Basically, the loans are cheaper, which can be traced directly in an instant loan comparison. Although there is no indication that the situation will change at this time, inflation remains to be seen. Basically, the ECB is aiming for a rate of inflation of just under two percent, but currently only 0.3 percent and thus an extremely low value registered. The obvious threat of deflation should also force the ECB to act.


Consult instant loan comparison and plan investment

instant loan comparison

For loan seekers, this means familiarizing themselves with the favorable offers in an instant loan comparison and implementing long-planned investments or recalculating current loans to reduce costs. For this, only a few data must be entered in the instant loan comparison. The overview then contains all current offers, which can also be checked in detail. As an orientation, banks and financial institutions are obliged to present a representative calculation example in order to enable a comparison even with credit-based interest rates. In these cases, the final APR for a loan is determined only after the credit check. Alternatively, there are also providers that can work with a fixed interest rate right from the start.


Few steps to the credit

Few steps to the credit

From instant credit comparison, interested parties can be guided directly to the application forms of the respective provider, enter there all requested information and upload the necessary documents. Since these are online transactions, participation in the uncomplicated PostIdent procedure for compliance with the Money Laundering Act is envisaged. Once all the documents have been received, checked and approved by the respective bank, there is nothing in the way of the payout. The immediate credit comparison of Cratchit family therefore not only offers favorable, but also quick financing options.